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Do you have a cover already illustrated and just need someone to put together the text treatment of your book cover? We're the people to do it!

Ebook + Paperback Layouts

If you've got the illustration ready for us, we can put together the ebook and paperback layouts ready for uploading on retail stores. This includes text treatment too!

Premade Book Covers

Introducing our premade book cover store, filled with covers with exclusive illustrations in a variety of styles. Check it out and maybe you'll find 'the' book cover for your story without going through the design hassle.


We have a small team of illustrators with different styles, ready to take on any picture book or cover projects!

And so much more!

If you need something designed and it's not listed in our services, no problem! Just drop us a line on what you'd like, and we'll let you know if it's within our design range.

Our Illustrators

Are you an illustrator interested in working with us? Drop us an email in the contact page!
Noora Murad Ali
Noora Murad Ali Mixed Media Illustrator
Daniela Frongia
Daniela Frongia Digital Illustrator
Timea Gazdag
Timea Gazdag Traditional Illustrator
Fatima Ghuloom
Fatima Ghuloom Mixed Media Illustrator
Israa Mahran
Israa Mahran Traditional Illustrator
Mandie Manzano
Mandie Manzano Mixed Media Illustrator
Joanna Pasek
Joanna Pasek Mixed Media Illustrator
Serena Rocca
Serena Rocca Digital Illustrator
Danielle Styles
Danielle Styles Illustrator
Sara Valente
Sara Valente Visual Development Artist
Melissa Wright
Melissa Wright Illustrator

Our Work

Please note that some illustrations shown below are outsourced by other illustrators. Typography and book cover layout are designed by Qamber Kids.

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