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What's the difference between Qamber Kids & the other Illustrators?

Qamber Kids is an umbrella that houses Illustrators. We suggest the illustrator you can work with on your book cover/picture book. Depending on the Illustrator, we will be the bridge between you and them. So we will be communicating with you personally and sending along the specs to the illustrator.

Qamber Kids can also work with illustrated stock photos (photos bought online) as well as artwork that has already been produced. We will be the ones to put the artwork on a book format (ebook and paperbacks), add in the text (title, back text, etc.) and make any alterations needed.

Do you accept projects if I already have the artwork by an illustrator ready?

Yes, I do!

What is Typesetting/Typography?

Let’s say you have an illustration (drawing or artwork) ready without any text on them. This is where typesetting comes in. We send in several versions of the title/author set up in different fonts, and colors. That’s the general idea of Typesetting.

Can you design a children's book using illustrations from a stock site?

Yes, I can!

What is your turnaround time for typesetting/typography?

Generally, we take one week minimum (including feedback process). But this depends on the package you pick and when we schedule you. The one week would include, a couple of days for brainstorming and another day or so for the preliminary and the feedback stage. Sometimes, the feedback stage goes on for longer than a week depending on the client.

I'm an Illustrator, can I be listed on your website?

We’d love to add you on. But first we’d like to see your portfolio then we can move from there.

What's the turnaround time of your illustrators?

This will depend on the illustrator and the complexity of your illustration. Some may take two weeks while others a couple of months (this includes feedback stages, etc).

Can I cancel an appointment with Qamber Kids and their illustrators?

Yes, you can. As long as we haven’t started working on the cover. But we would prefer it if you would let us know in advance so we can give away the dates.

If I already started work on the cover but want to cancel it, can I?

This would depend on the illustrators. But for Qamber Kids, you can but there will be a charge between $30 – $60 depending on how much work has been done.

What can I do with the cover?

You can use it for any promotional purpose as long as no one takes the credit for the cover design, you don’t resell the cover design and you don’t directly change the cover (like the colours, or change the font of the text, etc).