Illustrator Highlights – Daniela Frongia

Illustrator Highlights – Daniela Frongia

by Jennifer Silverwood, January 18, 2019

This week on #IllustratorHighlights, we are excited to feature the very talented Daniela Frongia. Daniela is a professional and full-time Digital Artist who specializes in children’s book illustrations, characters design, concepts and visual development art for video games, APP and films. She has illustrated over 60 children’s books and is currently working with different Publishers, Art directors and Authors from all around world. We are so grateful and lucky to count her as part of our #IllustratorTeam!

“I have been drawing since I was four years old and never stopped. Once I graduated from art school, I performed in some exhibitions in London. Then, after I did airbrushing on motorcycles and cars, I finally found my calling : cartoons. Today I create illustrations for books, but also concept art for animation films and video games.”

-Daniela Frongia


“It is a difficult and fully competitive market. I always tried to focus on quality. I continue to try and perfect my style today.”

-Daniela Frongia


Discover more of Daniela Frongia’s work on her portfolio at Qamber Kids and the following links:


Facebook page:



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