Author Highlight- Amber Malone

Author Highlight- Amber Malone

by Jennifer Silverwood, January 11, 2019

Qamber Kids began a little over three years ago with a vision of bringing kid-friendly designs to the children’s and clean young adult book market. We love to help our authors bring their books to life, especially those with a powerful message, like Amber Malone’s Sweater Girls. Illustrated by Danielle Styles, Sweater Girls focuses on bullying and the choices between doing what’s right and what is easy. Keep reading to learn more about this inspirational author and her novel for tweens of all ages!

For most of 5th grade, Joanna has been Tera’s favorite bullying target. When Joanna unexpectedly finds herself in the popular circle, life seems to be changing for the better. But Joanna’s mom has some life changing news to add to the whirlwind of juicy gossip steaks, sweaty hot dogs and a circle of whisperers with a new target, Joanna’s best friend, Megan.

Joanna’s faith is tested more than ever when she is faced with some tough choices. Choices like whether to speak up and risk going back to being a target or stay silent and risk losing her closest friend, Megan. Joanna knows God has a plan for everything she’s dealing with, but what is it? Joanna needs an answer and fast!


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Amber’s Story

As a first time author, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the self-publishing process. I knew I wanted a beautiful cover that brought the characters to life. Qamber Kids was referred to me by a talented designer who did not specialize in children’s books.

The Qamber Kids team exceeded my expectations and made the cover design a simple and pleasant process, taking a huge weight off of my shoulders. I’m so grateful for the referral, the level of service and updates I’ve received throughout the process was awesome. My cover came out amazing! Danielle Styles is the bomb! I highly recommend Qamber Kids to authors who are looking for kind and attentive designers and a company with integrity and lots of support. It was such a positive experience!

Sweater Girls is a novel for kids to support their everyday resilience. As a child, I spent some time in a domestic violence shelter. I was bullied horrifically because I didn’t have a lot of options for clothes and shoes. I was afraid to speak up. I was embarrassed. I felt alone. When my children were dealing with bullying at school, I decided to write Sweater Girls. My hope is that every child will have access to resilience tools. Qamber Kids truly supports authors especially first-time authors who are new to the process. Thanks to Qamber Kids, my mission to bring resilience tools to every household is a dream within reach

About the Illustrator

Danielle, a freelance illustrator from the suburbs of Detroit, completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, majoring in Illustration. She has skills for digital and traditional painting, as well as for fused glass.

See Danielle’s Illustrator Interview with Qamber Kids.



We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Sweater Girls. Stay tuned for news on Amber’s publishing journey by following her website and Facebook Page. Happy reading! 



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