Illustrator Highlights – Danielle Styles

Illustrator Highlights – Danielle Styles

by Jennifer Silverwood, November 23, 2018

Today on Illustrator Highlights, we’re excited to share the fabulous works of Danielle Styles. Danielle is a freelance illustrator from the suburbs of Detroit. She completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, majoring in Illustration. She has skills for digital and traditional painting, as well as for fused glass. See her paintings and designs below.




“I am not the most talkative person, so drawing and painting really allowed me to communicate my thoughts and imagination in a way that words have never been able to do for me.”

-Danielle Styles



Premade MG Cover Available!

“I have had ideas for kids books over the years, but I’ve never been able to sit myself down and write one out. I would love the opportunity to fully illustrate an entire children’s book with the help of an author though!”

-Danielle Styles




To learn more about Danielle’s works in progress in both writing and illustration, see her portfolio here:

Danielle Styles, Illustrator/Graphic Designer

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