Illustrator Highlights – Israa Mahran

Illustrator Highlights – Israa Mahran

by Jennifer Silverwood, August 24, 2018

Welcome to Qamber Kids! Every week we feature articles on children’s illustration and children’s authors. This week, we’re excited to feature an Illustrator Highlight for one of our talented team members, Israa Mahran.

Israa is currently working on her Bachelors in Visual Design at Bahrain Polytechnic. A self-taught artist with the desire to develop her skills and talent, she has a passion for art and hopes to live off it one day. Israa is a traditional artist who works mostly with Watercolors, Copic Markers, and Gouache.



Israa describes her biggest dream to “draw beautiful illustrations similar to the scenes from Studio Ghibli movies, where they breathe taking and yet are still a form of art.”



When not bogged down with school work, Israa works on her personal business, Bee’s Art, where she takes commissions, as well as personal art. She also provides the following:

* Prints



For more of Israa’s work you can view her portfolio at Qamber Kids, or follow her at the following links:

Instagram | YouTube

For inquires, e-mail her at : [email protected]

If you enjoyed getting to know a bit about Israa and her work and want to show some love for our #IllustratorTeam, please share or comment below!

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