Illustrator Highlights – Najla & Nada Qamber

Illustrator Highlights – Najla & Nada Qamber

by Jennifer Silverwood, May 26, 2018


Today’s illustrators really need no introduction. Najla & Nada Qamber created Qamber Kids four years ago and haven’t looked back. Naj and Nada love collaborating with other artists in a variety of mediums to do typesetting and other book layout help they or authors may need. Both sisters work with a drawn stock image that they can edit to suit your needs as an author. Keep reading below to learn more about what inspires and drives their endless creativity!

Typography Only

A large part of what we do involves typography, which simply means, giving lovely text to match the illustrations. The follow books were illustrated by artists around the world, and then designed and type set by Qamber Kids.



Interior & Typography

The following books were illustrated by members from our #IllustratorTeam, with typography and, in some cases, interior designs by Qamber Kids.

From Cover to Cover

Some books, Naj and Nada have a larger hand in creating. In the case of these books listed below, they largely used stock imagery, their own designs and skills with typography.


“QK came to be when a client of mine asked me when was I going to open up a children section on my Najla Qamber Designs website. As some of you know, my current website has a lot of non-kid-friendly book covers and that particular client would prefer not to take her readers there. So after that, the idea sort-of stuck and here we are today!”

– Najla & Nada Qamber

Sophistigeek Projects

We’ve been fortunate to meet and aid Peggy Martinez for all her  fandom needs, since she first began with Lit-Cube, a bookish subscription box. Soon, Lit-Cube was joined by a sister company, Stars Hollow Monthly, for which we helped create the Stars Hollow coloring book. Now, Peggy is launching Sophistigeek, a combination of all these fandoms and fun in one big store. We do so much more than covers and coloring books. Here are some examples below:





“Our current goal for QK is to give our illustrators a chance to get their work on a book cover. They’re all so talented and deserve their own stage to shine on! Our future goal is possibly to have a big premade collection for authors to purchase from.”

-Najla & Nada Qamber

Premade Cover Store

We’re happy to share our premade cover store, which features a wide variety of options for cross-genres, from children’s picture books to clean teen reads. Check out some samples below:


You can discover more of the Qamber Sisters’ work on their portfolio at Qamber Kids and the following links: |


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