Illustrator Highlights – Jennifer Silverwood

Illustrator Highlights – Jennifer Silverwood

by Jennifer Silverwood, April 27, 2018


Today’s #IllustratorHighlights showcases Author & Illustrator, Jennifer Silverwood. While primarily an author and the project manager for Qamber Kids, Jennifer is also passionate about helping her fellow artists. Primarily a traditional artist, Jennifer is willing to try new mediums and loves helping Qamber Kids with illustration projects when she can. She is a talented traditional artist willing to try new mediums!




“I pursued art my first year of college, but struggled through several universities before I ran out of chances to finish. So I guess you could say this has always been a closet dream of mine. That one thing I always longed to do but believed the chance had passed me by. I never thought I’d actually have the opportunity to pursue illustration as an adult.”

-Jennifer Silverwood



“As I developed my drawing techniques through high school and college I worked primarily with graphite pencils and some hard pastels. I didn’t discover just how much I loved getting my hands dirty with soft pastels until my second semester of drawing. We had to put out at least three big-sized pieces per week, and pastels allowed me the ability to create something beautiful quickly. I use ink at times for definition and to sketch out all my ideas.”

-Jennifer Silverwood



“Pastels allow for the most flexibility for me. Once I commit to a certain loose sketch or idea, I can put out a finished piece within a day or two. As for deciding when it’s done, is it ever really? I supposed you have to reach that point where you’ve done all the “tweaking” you can. But I always love leaving a hint of wildness in my art, a little rough beauty hidden between fine lines.”

-Jennifer Silverwood


To learn more about Jennifer’s works in progress in both writing and illustration, follow her on Facebook & Twitter. For more of her portfolio, visit the following links.

Deviantart  |  Author Website

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