Author Highlight – Michelle Diana Lowe

Author Highlight – Michelle Diana Lowe

by Jennifer Silverwood, April 20, 2018

Qamber Kids began a little over two years ago with a vision of bringing kid-friendly designs to the children’s and clean young adult book market. Today we wanted to highlight one of our favorite authors to work with, Michelle Diana Lowe. Our team had a wonderful time helping to bring Michelle’s Dairy Free series to life. Learn about the first in her series, Dairy Free and Happy! below.


Being allergic to dairy can sometimes be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Dairy Free and Happy! gives practical advice and nuggets of wisdom to help you on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to shop at the supermarket, prepare for parties, what to do in an emergency, and little ways you can stay positive, healthy, and happy, plus much, much more. With hope, happiness, and helpful coping strategies, this self-awareness book is a must-have for children who are allergic to dairy products. When applying these tips to everyday life, children and their families will find this book a useful guide and source of information. Michelle Diana Lowe, the author of Dairy Free and Happy! is allergic to dairy products herself. This is her unique self-awareness guide for children who have been diagnosed with dairy allergies. *Please note: Dairy Free and Happy is a general guide for children and parents. It is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice from a qualified doctor. Always consult with your doctor first before giving your child(ren) any alternative diet or foods. Furthermore, you should always see a qualified doctor concerning your child’s health and to receive treatment or/and any diagnosis.


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Michelle’s Story

“Before I met the wonderful Najla and her fabulous team, I was completely  lost. I had a great idea for my children’s  book Dairy Free and Happy and created a rough draft, but had no one to execute the idea and turn it into a professional looking children’s  book ready for the book market. Feeling dejected and not knowing where to turn, I decided to do a google search and came across the website for Qamber Kids. I sent a general enquiry to Najla and got a warm, friendly person on the other end.

Soon after Najla finished creating Dairy Free and Happy! my book was accepted by Waterstones. For anyone who knows about booksellers, this is a huge deal. I’ve had wonderful comments from many people about the layout and design of my book, and I am quick to tell people that Najla Qamber Designs and Qamber Kids created it. They deserve all the credit!

I would definitely  recommend Qamber Kids and Najla Qamber Designs to all authors who have any design or illustration needs. Najla is the best in the business and at the top of her game. You could not work with a better and more professional person.”

-Michelle Diana Lowe


Recently we had the privilege to cover the teen companion book to Michelle’s kid-centric Dairy Free series, Dairy Free Teens. 


This book is a must-have for teenagers who have been diagnosed with a dairy allergy by a qualified physician and for those who have been told to avoid dairy by a qualified doctor. This book is written by Michelle Diana Lowe, a woman in her early 30s who understands what it means to have a dairy allergy. She was diagnosed as a teen and has learnt to navigate herself through multiple allergies and intolerances. Now she wants to empower young people with the allergy in her essential guide for 13-18 year olds.

Dairy-Free Teens discusses the most important things teenagers need to know to remain safe, healthy and happy, and to overcome any issues relating to their allergy. This book provides effective strategies to help adolescents manage the allergy itself and deal with any associated feelings and emotions. Teenagers will learn how to cope with their allergies on a day-to-day basis at home, school and outdoors, and be able to deal with any challenges that may arise in friendships and relationships.

This book is a great guide for teens with dairy allergies. But it can also be adapted to aid young people with any other food allergy. Parents may also find this book useful as well as professionals working with young people, who may find this book a good learning resource and educational supplement.


Dairy Free Teens releases September 17, 2018

eBook is already available at Amazon UK!


About the Author

Michelle Diana Lowe has had a passion for writing from a very young age. She has always allowed her imagination to run wild to create deep, truthful and emotionally charged characters.

Michelle’s multi-layered novels touch on real issues that affect young people today. She does not shy away from delving into topics such as young mental health and foster care. All her novels are children’s and young adult books and her lead characters are often intelligent, complex three dimensional people who are so different from the norm.

Michelle’s novel Broken Roots is an Amazon Bestselling title. It has been in the top 30 in 5 different genres and reached the top 5 in Being A Child and Family on Amazon UK. Broken Roots has also been nominated for a Summer Indie Book Award 2017 and was named as one of the best indie books of 2016 by Read

Letting her ambition take her to new heights, Michelle set up her own publishing imprint in 2017 – Michelle Diana Lowe Press (UK). Books under this imprint focus on young people’s mental and physical health and well-being. The first book published under this imprint, Dairy Free and Happy! became a bestselling title within the first week of release. Dairy Free and Happy reached #5 in the Diet and Nutition ebook chart and #5 in the Diet and Nutrition audiobook chart.

As an author, Michelle loves to write meaningful books that help others and always likes to encourage and empower other people.


Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Michelle and her books. You can find out more by visiting her website at: and her publishing imprint website –



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