Illustrator Highlights – Noora Murad Ali

Illustrator Highlights – Noora Murad Ali

by Jennifer Silverwood, April 13, 2018

Today’s #IllustratorHighlights showcases Bahrain-based artist Noora Murad Ali. Noora has worked with both corporate and art studios around the island. Her skill set varies from anime to landscapes and so much more. We are so lucky to count her as part of our #IllustratorTeam!


“I have equal amounts of pride for each project because each shows me how far I’ve come in this journey. Also they set a reminder to myself why I’m on this journey and why I continue to do so, despite knowing that this field is very competitive.”

-Noora Murad Ali

I usually leave the work for the night, till I come back to it tomorrow morning with fresh eyes. This way I can analyze and evaluate what needs to be fixed or adjusted. It’s usually around that time, till I feel satisfied with it, is when I know it’s done. Sometimes less is more, you know?

-Noora Murad Ali

“Having to create my own world and share it with people is one of the top reasons that led me to pursue this dream. To show the different worlds and story, bringing them into the one we live in. And let our inner child and imagination run free.”

-Noora Murad Ali


You​ ​can​ ​discover​ ​more​ ​of​ Noora’s​ ​work​ on her portfolio at Qamber Kids and the following links:

Instagram | ArtStation

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