Lit-cube & Stars Hollow Showcase

Lit-cube & Stars Hollow Showcase

by Jennifer Silverwood, March 3, 2018

Qamber Kids doesn’t just create covers & illustrations for Clean Teen, MG and Children’s books. We also are proud to have worked with fantastic clients like Lit-Cube & Stars Hollow Monthly. What is Lit-Cube? A monthly subscription box for readers combining hand-picked reads with “high quality literary-themed products to bring you a magical reading experience each and every month.”  Check out a handful of our favorite projects we’ve done with them below!


lit-cube designs

The incomparable Danielle Styles illustrated the above pop art for a very “Game of Thrones” inspired book box.



These Classic Re-covers were done as a collaboration project between our illustrators and leader of our creative team, Najla Qamber. Naj says, “It has truly been a dream come true to work on the covers of these titles. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Peggy once again for making one of my dreams come true.” Peter Pan was a collaboration with Melissa Wright, while Persuasion was drawn by Najla fully. The other covers besides Peter and Persuasion are stock with some hand drawn elements. 



stars hollow designs

Stars Hollow Monthly sprung off Lit-Cube in 2016 as a Gilmore Girls & Stars Hollow-inspired gift box. Fan of Gilmore Girls? Then you’ll love the following designs!


Rory & Lorelei illustration by the talented Fatima Ghuloom!



Super cute Gilmore Girls Dolls designed by Fatima Ghuloom


Last year, Qamber Kids illustrators collaborated with Lit-Cube (bookish subscription box) & Stars Hollow Monthly (a Gilmore Girls-Inspired subscription box) …” a coloring book to transport you right to Stars Hollow, CT.!” To learn more about the project follow the link and don’t miss this one-of-a-kind coloring book! AMAZON LINK



To learn more about Lit-Cube & Stars Hollow Monthly, check out their main website here:

If you enjoyed today’s showcase & designs as much as we did creating them, please leave a comment or share below!




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